Camel Trophy 1984 - Brazil

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To mark its fifth anniversary in 1984, Camel Trophy returned to Brazil, to the depths of the largest rainforest in the world, the Amazon Basin. Again Land Rover was the choice of the organisers but it was the new One Ten that carried the Solihull flag this time round. 

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Six nations, including Belgium - newcomers to the event - took up the challenge. The omission of teams from Portugal and Hong Kong allowed each nation to enter two teams.  Camel Trophy 1984 became the biggest event run so far with twelve teams participating. 

The route selected again involved the notorious Transamazonica Highway, but this time starting at Santarem, where the 1980 event ended.  The event finishing in Manaus, capital of Amazonas province, lying at the confluence of the mighty Amazon and the equally impressive Rio Negro. 

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A particularly severe wet season in 1984 meant that the route originally selected proved impossible so an alternative was found. However, the alternative proved little better for the teams as they slogged and persevered through seemingly endless mud in their Land Rover One Tens. Three times the teams progress was interrupted by damaged or broken bridges, each with a gap more than twelve metres in length. After a great deal of effort and a lot of toil all twelve teams finally made it through to the finish.

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Team Vehicles: Land Rover One Ten
Support Vehicles: Land Rover One Ten
Distance:   900 km by road
Number of Teams: 12

Participating Countries

Belgium 1 Polydore Stevens & Jan van der Elst
Begium 2  Marc Thomson & Christian Allesbosh
Germany 1 Volker Lapp & Ulrich Schum
Germany 2 Wolfgang Gegg & Hermann Matula
Holland 1 Dick Haaksma & Age Krug
Holland 2 Michel Dagevos & Kees Vermeer
Italy 1 Maurizio Lavi & Alfredo Redaelli Camel Trophy
Italy 2 Giancarlo Barocelli & Sandro Damiani
Spain 1 Alvaro Dominguez Coig & Alfonso Lerma Amezaga
Spain 2 Jose J Moreno Zalve & Armando Sosa Matos
Switzerland 1 Beat Studer & Othmar Wirth
Switzerland 2 Philippe Martin & Richard Moser