Camel Trophy 1988 - Sulawesi

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In 1988, the honour of playing host to Camel Trophy was accorded to the Indonesian island of Sulawesi.

The event programme, schedule and method of operation was substantially modified to include two groups of very distinct "Special Tasks" at the beginning and end of the route, each pre-recced and prepared to avoid the lamentable situation of the year before. For the next eight years marshals would not travel as part of the convoy but only be responsible for the establishment of special task sites normally near the beginning and end of the selected routes.

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This new formula enabled the national teams to immerse themselves in competitive special tasks for the first 36 hours of the event, then to be able to savour the full the magnificence of the landscape through which they passed on the way from start at Manado until the final special task site in Torajaland some 200 km north of the eventual finish at Ujung Pandang.  For the first time, teams from Argentina and Turkey participated.

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Unlike many of the other Indonesian islands, only the north eastern and south western extremities of Sulawesi are volcanic, the remainder of the island consisting of jagged uplands and rugged plateaus some 500 metres above sea level. These varied conditions suited the twelve teams and their Land Rover One Tens on their two thousand kilometre drive across formidable mountains and along dense tropical jungle trails.  It was a challenge equal to any previous event.

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Eventual victory went to the Turkish team of Galip Gurel and Ali Deveci, remarkable because this was at Turkey's first entry into Camel Trophy.  The award for Team Spirit was won by Jim Benson and Marc Day of the United Kingdom.  Marc was to join subsequent Camel Trophy events as the convoy's Lead Scout.

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Team Vehicles: Land Rover One Ten
Support Vehicles: Land Rover One Ten
Distance:  2,092 km by road
Number of Teams: 12

Participating Countries:

Argentina Daniel Hector Agulla & Juan Antonio Sanchez Catala
Belgium Marc Buels & Y. de Burbure de Wesembeek
Canary Islands Wourter Cheri & Jose Mario Villavicencio
France Francois Leonard & Eric Spijkerman
Germany Dirk Batterman & Norbert Skodock
Holland Leendert Ursem & Murk de Jong
Italy Silvano Dell'Anna & Edmondo Licursi
Japan Koichi Kinoshita & Toru Sekiguchi
Spain Francisco Pardo Brucart & Jose Luis Esarte Goiena
Switzerland Peter Dulty & Loe Kalbermatten
Turkey Galip Gurel & Ali Deveci Camel Trophy
United Kingdom Jim Benson & Marc Day Team Spirit Award